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As a lawyer, we know that an informed client is a better client.  We encourage our clients to read the the material attached.  It allows us to give advise more efficiently and it is essential to those who are trying representing themselves, with the limited scope services.

All the public legal information pages on our site have the following warning:

Caution:  This page contains ONLY GENERAL LEGAL INFORMATION. 
It is NOT LEGAL ADVICE nor a replacement for talking to a lawyer
and getting legal advice about your case.    
The law can be complicated and the details of a case can be even more complicated! 
There are exceptions for every rule. 


What you do not know can harm you.  Do not rely on general legal information.


Please take the warning seriously.  Public legal information is only an aid.  It cannot be comprehensive.  Acting on this information without full legal advice can be dangerous. 

While efforts are make to keep this material updated, we make no promises.  We am continuing to review and add content.

I have been providing public legal information, on an individual basis, for over fourteen years.  My approach is to try to give the practical information that people need.  This information can make the giving of legal information more efficient.

We hope you will find this helpful.

As with all information gathered from the internet, check credentials, consider agendas/biases, and compare against information from other sources.

Some Memos for Clients

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