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Gerard J. Michaud

I was "called to the bar" (became a  lawyer) in 1987, after having articled for a year representing children at the Office of the Children's Lawyer (as it is now called).

Looking back over the years, there have been a number of principals that have kept me motivated:

·        people in disputes should have the opportunity to be heard;

·        the harm done to children, when their parents separate, should be minimized;

·        spouses should continue to parent together, as best they can;

·        lawyers have an important role in deescalating conflict; and

·        disputes need to be resolved and people need to be able to move on.

As a family law lawyer, I had the opportunity to encourage parents to reach arrangements that work for the children and themselves, with as little conflict as possible.  I have also worked to ensure my clients not only have the chance to "speak", but that they are heard.

I worked in a small firm (Defaria & DeFaria) for about fourteen years.  I then took a job with Legal Aid Ontario as the Supervisor of the Peel Family Duty Counsel, then the Lawyer Manager of the Peel Family Law Service Centre.  After fourteen years with them, I returned to private practice for about eight years. 

My focus has always been on providing services to help resolve family law disputes out-of-court and, if necessary, through the courts.  However, of late, I have moved from providing services as a family law lawyer, to providing family law mediator.

My goal is to help clients resolve their family law disputes by providing unbiased assistance to both parties to reach a settlement.  I am doing by working at the court-based mediation (Peel Family Mediation Services) and through private family law mediation.  (I have moved away from assisting people as a lawyer.)

I am enthusiastic about bringing, to my role of mediator, my many years of experience as a lawyer and my long devotion to helping people resolve their family law disputes.

Gerard J. Michaud

  March 2024

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