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Caution:  This page contains ONLY GENERAL LEGAL INFORMATION. 
It is NOT LEGAL ADVICE nor a replacement for talking to a lawyer
and getting legal advice about your case.    
The law can be complicated and the details of a case
can be even more complicated! 
There are exceptions for every rule. 


What you do not know can harm you.  Do not rely on general legal information.


There are better ways of resolving family law disputes than litigation.  It can be slow, frustrating, stressful, and expensive.


However, sometimes court is necessary:

  • to compel the other party deal with the issues
    – “to come to the table”

  • to impose a decision – if the parties cannot agree

  • to have an enforceable order

  • some results require an order, for example:

    • divorce

    • parenting responsibilities to non-parents

Although a court proceeding is started, the focus is still on negotiating a settlement.  The court proceeding provides structure than can help with the negotiations.  Mediation can still be helpful in resolving issues.

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