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Caution:  This page contains ONLY GENERAL LEGAL INFORMATION. 
It is NOT LEGAL ADVICE nor a replacement for talking to a lawyer
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The law can be complicated and the details of a case can be even more complicated! 
There are exceptions for every rule. 


What you do not know can harm you.  Do not rely on general legal information.



Special arrangements for support of a child can arise in two circumstances:

  1. A person required to pay child support dies.  The child support order ends and, without special provisions, Separation Agreement cease to apply.

  2. A person dies and, under their Will, funds from their estate need to be used for support of the child.  

If a person dies without a Will, children receive their share of the estate at age 18 years, whether they are ready for the money or not.  Without special provisions, children receive their share under a Will at age 18 years.  In a Will, one can provide that a young person receives specified amounts at specified age.  But it is wise to make provisions for money to be used for their benefit, without directly giving them the money.

In a trust for a child, one can provide:

  • for who should make the decision;

  • what expenses are paid:

  • what discretion can be used for special expenses:

  • gifts for the child; and

  • what happens with the remainder of the funds when the child no longer needs support.

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