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Caution:  This page contains ONLY GENERAL LEGAL INFORMATION. 
It is NOT LEGAL ADVICE nor a replacement for talking to a lawyer
and getting legal advice about your case.    
The law can be complicated and the details of a case can be even more complicated! 
There are exceptions for every rule. 


What you do not know can harm you.  Do not rely on general legal information.



Clients communicate with lawyers regarding sensitive information.  It is important to keep this confidential and preserve Client-Solicitor Privilege.  

I recommend:

  1. Do not use your work email address.
    This can be accessed legally by your employer.  The communication is not private.  They are not protected by the law of solicitor / client privilege.

  2. Do not use text messaging for confidential communications. 
    I use it only to make arrangements regarding appointments and to advise client that an important email was sent (where email not always checked regularly).

  3. When speaking in person or on the phone, make sure you are in a private place where others cannot overhear you.

  4. Secure your phone, tablet(s) and computer(s) with (new) passwords.

  5. If you want to secure communications or information, do not share your password.

  6. Physically secure your phone, tablet(s), and computer(s).
    If someone has physical access, they may be able to interfere with it.

  7. If you have concerns about the security of your electronic communications or information at your end, consult an expert.  There are solutions


If you are in an abusive relationship and still living with the abuser, extreme security steps should be taken.  If they have access to the devise or the passwords, the communications and data could be compromised.

Please be advised that:

  • I use passwords and encryption to protect all your information and communications.  I have some records on paper, locked in my office.  I try to keep paper records to a minimum. 

  • I store information on the cloud, but this is encrypted in both transit and in storage.  I believe this is more secure than keeping paper files in one’s office.

  • Emails are not encrypted and, in theory, could be intercepted.  Short of encryption, I take all reasonable precautions.

  • Zoom and other videoconferencing services have some security risks.  I take all reasonable precautions to prevent this.


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