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Cannot afford a lawyer to provide full representation for your family law matter?
Not financially eligible for legal aid services?
Are the issues important?  Is the process difficult? 
You need assistance from a lawyer ...

The solution may be Limited Scope ("Unbundled") Services for Family Law cases.
Legal Advice & Document Preparation.
Knowledge of the law and process will empower you. 
Professional advocacy in written material will ensure you are heard.

Traditionally, one would hire a lawyer to provide full representation.  The lawyer would put their name on the court documents ("go on the record"), attend the court appearances, manage communications with the other party and his/her lawyer, draft all the documents, provide continuing legal advice, and generally be responsible for the case.  Normally, they would continue until the case is finished.  This is the best option for dealing with family law disputes which usually involve very important issues, strong emotions, complicated facts, and sometimes complicated legal processes.  However, a lawyer's time is expensive and you may not be able to afford full representations despite your best efforts.

This meant many parties would, on their own, try to negotiate and prepare an agreement or to go to court without legal assistance.  Duty counsel at court will try to help, but their services are very limited if the party is not financially eligible.  Too often people made decisions without understanding their options and the predictable outcomes.  Too often people did not have a voice in court because their paperwork was poorly prepared.  Not only can this lead to poor results for the party and the children, but it can be frustrating for the courts and delays for everyone.

In an effort to provide access to justice, some lawyers are providing limited scope legal services (also called "limited scope retainer" or "unbundled services"). The cost is significantly less and therefore affordable to more people. 


Parties represent themselves, with assistance from a lawyer. The lawyer is only retained to do specific tasks and are not otherwise responsible for the case.  The lawyer does not "go on the record" and the client is "self-represented".  Only getting some assistance from a lawyer can be risky, but it may be the only option for some.

Our limited scope services include:

        - practical, candid legal advice and directions ("legal coaching")
       - preparation of high quality court documents and agreements


Not all cases are appropriate for limited scope services - where there is high-conflict or important issues that are highly contested or complicated legal issues.  In these situations, full representation is necessary.  We also provide full representation.

Have a look at "What Lawyers Do & Why You May Need One".

Our services are different:  We focus on limited scope services.  We only provide full representation when limited scope services are inappropriate or the client seeks this level of assistance.

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